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The solution for empowering, tracking, and verifying community service experiences.

What is Transeo?

Transeo is a cloud-based educational solution that helps students and administrators track, report, and celebrate their community service learning experiences. We make hour verification, logging, and report generation easy for students and counselors.

We are helping schools and districts move away from paper-based processes so counselors can invest more quality time with the people who matter the most: students.

Features For...

Transeo for Students

We help students easily find, log, and report their community service experiences so they can focus on transforming their communities.


Transeo students find experiences suited to their unique interests and needs. Service events approved by school sponsors are featured in an organized and compelling format, making it easy for students to transform themselves and their communities.


Transeo eliminates cumbersome and time consuming paper-based processes. Students use our mobile-friendly solution to effortlessly log their participation. Event hosts easily verify student hours based on customizable settings determined by school sponsors.


Transeo makes it easy to celebrate and report on students' service learning experiences over time. Information can easily be exported for submission to colleges and scholarship opportunities.

Transeo for Administrators

A robust set of tools to help you manage, verify, understand, and celebrate the service contributions of your students.

Powerful Data Insights

With Transeo empowering your students, you'll have direct insights into how your students interact in the community and what they value. View the raw data, or the intuitive graphs - it's all up to you.

Extensive Access Control

Our solution simplifies managing complex interactions between service event hosts, students, school sponsors, counselors, and administrators. Transeo provides robust and FERPA-compliant access control levels allowing you to specify exactly who should have access to student information.

Hardened Security

Transeo ensures the security and protection of your data and student information. Enjoy peace of mind as your students change the world.

Cloud Based

Transeo runs in the cloud so you don't have to configure servers, seed databases, or worry about anything technical. Enjoy seamlessly deployed updates and a steady supply of new features and tools.

Helping students stay on track and keep giving back.

Transforming communities, schools, and students.

Celebrating students through innovative and connective technology.

Our Philosophy

Students are more than a test score.

Increase in college graduation


Community retention


While standardized test scores play an important role, we believe that students are measured by far more. Students are vibrant learners, community members, and people. With Transeo, we give you the tools to help your learners unlock their full potential by giving back to the community.

We also believe in community. Research shows that when a student completes service learning in high school, they are 22% more likely to complete college in the next four years. In addition, 25% of students return to live in the communities in which they attended high school.

Community service in high school not only increases future chances of success, it creates life-time community members and explorers. Transeo helps you craft the next generation of selfless learners. We believe in a future where students are defined by determination, resilience, and hard-work. That vision starts with giving students the tools they need to help others. Let's work together to make this future a reality for your student body.

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